One-on-one coaching

Looking for savvy business expertise and a motivational boost? A one-on-one session with Abbie is sure to do the trick!

Whether you’re building your business plan or want to take your existing brand to stiletto heights, a coaching session will give you actionable next steps and ignite your passion to pursue your loftiest goals.

FREE Classes & Training for Beauty Professionals
strategy call
30 minutes
$197 investment

This 30-minute strategy session is for new beauty business owners that are ready to strut their stuff. You’ll work with Abbie on narrowing down your niche audience, serving them oh-so-well and creating a plan to take the confusion out of business – yes, finally! This is the time to brainstorm new products, clarify your content and audience, or build a tried and tested online strategy.

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1 on 1 clarity call
1 hour
$497 investment

It’s about time you got clarity on your story and what makes it unique. This session is designed to help you figure out your purpose , how to use it to build a killer brand , how to use your talent , passion and purpose to create a profitable business, understanding who you’re meant to best serve and what they really want from you…

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full day strategy intensive
6 Hours
$1997 investment

A 6 hour strategy session with me (via video or in Miami) designed to help you plan out the next 90 days of your business . I’m here to give you the clarity and mental freedom necessary to make the highest impact with your content. Your message is impactful, but is it making an impact? Planning is the key to every thriving business. In our VIP day you’ll learn just what you need to do to lay the foundation for success. From how to pinpoint your target market to creating systems to help your business run smoothly, you’ll discover all the information you need to guide you through the often confusing steps of running a successful business. See options below.

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option #1

Two half day VIP strategy sessions (two 3 hour sessions/ 3 hours @1997.00) 2 half day VIP strategy sessions at 3 hours each. (15- 20 minute breaks at the 90 minute mark for each session) Sessions done virtually unless requested to join me at my Miami location.

option #2

Full Day VIP strategy session ( one 6 hour session) (6 hours @ $1997) 6 hour collaborative working day together. (15-20 minute breaks every 90 minutes. 30 minute lunch break at the 3 hour mark.) VIP session done virtually unless requested to join me at my Miami location.

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