As a $445 billion industry, the beauty sector is a prevalent place for women to self-start their way into wealth. While there is plenty of opportunity to go around, it’s critical that skincare, lash/brow and waxing specialists take the RIGHT steps to claim their rightful place in the market. 

Before I dive into the top secrets to becoming a wealthy skincare, lash/ brow or waxing specialist, I want you to know the FIRST step you must take to tap into the opportunities available in this rapidly growing industry is to establish a strong foundation as a beauty authority/influencer. 

What this means is opening your heart and mind to continuing education in and outside the classroom. Staying aware of current events, trending news and hot topics that affect the industry and your services. Lastly, committing to enrich and enhance your technical skills and knowledge of the business side of the industry.

And with that, let’s dive into the top secrets to becoming a wealthy skincare, lash/ brow or waxing specialist.

Top Secret #1: Project Who You Want to Attract

Attitude and mindset go a long way in the beauty industry. While technical skills are of the utmost importance, you also want to always project a great attitude. Having a good personality is one of the best (and least expensive) ways to increase your potential for growth. 

Top Secret #2: Turn Your Mistakes into Lessons

Making mistakes is a part of being a business owner, so learn from them and move on. The best skincare, lash/brow and waxing experts have built their authority and influence by figuring out why they made mistakes. They turn their missteps into lessons and push forward.

Top Secret 3: Be “Known” for Something

The size of the beauty industry makes it easy for even single-person businesses to generate wealth, but it also makes it easy for experts to get lost in a sea of sameness. To stand out, you have to first know what makes you different from other skincare, brow/lash and waxing specialists and then promote that uniqueness as your “secret sauce.”

For example, are you faster than your competitors? Do you add special flair with a signature added touch? Or do you deliver a personalized experience for every client who steps into your salon? Whatever it is, be sure to add it to your marketing and promotional efforts as a way of being known for something special.


So, now that I’ve revealed the first step you must take to establish your industry authority along with my top secrets for becoming a wealthy skincare, brow/lash or waxing specialist, it’s time to start thinking about how you can use this information to reach and entice a larger audience so you can claim a bigger piece of the $445 billion beauty industry pie. Want more guidance on how to do that? Check-out my mecca of information to get more strategies on becoming a profitable beauty boss.