Can you believe it’s already October? Many people are already counting down the days until the holiday season is here, but you can’t forget that it all actually starts this month with Halloween.


October is one of the most exciting months when it comes to the beauty business. Why? Because Halloween is one of the few days of the year when we all get to pull out our creative hats + pull off the craziest and most fabulous fashions and makeup artistry.

It’s also the reason why this is such a great time to take advantage of the many marketing opportunities that come about just because of the holiday. I want you to think outside of the box and really embrace everything that makes Halloween fun and spooktacular!

halloween marketing ideas

Get excited to take your beauty business to the next level with these Halloween marketing ideas.

1. The Daily Dressup

No one might fess up to it, but I’m sure some of you have been thinking of what you’re going to be for Halloween since last year’s festivities. You absolutely know who you are! Why keep the fun of dressing up for one day when you’ve got an entire month to make it exciting? Have your employees dress up in a certain theme every week. You can keep it simple and have an all-red theme, a good versus evil week, a zombie makeup week, or something along those lines. If you can’t do a whole month, at least you should try to do the last week leading up to Halloween.

Your clients will go nuts over it + invite their friends to stop by and see all the cool happenings in your shop.

2. The Halloween Hashtag

If you’re particularly active on social media, you need to get onto the hashtag game for Halloween. Come up with something extremely creative and blast it all over your social media pages, posts, photos and all over your store as well. The key is to keep it consistent and visible. Hashtags have proven to be particularly powerful, and if you come up with something viral-worthy, you might just find your brand and beauty business trending all over the place. #hautehalloween #scarybeauty #needtotrimyourfangs #michaelmyersmakeover #toostunningforyourspook

3. The Branding Update

Now is the only time when you can add a spooky or sexy twist to your branding. Remember that just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean it has to be scary—especially if you’re not into scary at all. You can add other Halloween elements to your branding such as pumpkins, cornucopias, spiders and bats, candy corns + many more.

Even switching up your branding colors to something a little more of the season will make a difference. Put up an ad, flyer, post or something along the lines for everyone to see. You’ll probably end up with a new client or more than a few.

4. The Halloween Discount

This one could go many ways. I’m sure your store is already riddled with discounts galore, but you should really get creative with this marketing idea. One way you can give discounts is by encouraging good will. Give a discount to your clients that bring in a bag of candy for donation later on. You can also give discounts for customers that used your hashtag for the month.

One big idea is to give a huge discount to customers that bravely come in with costumes on. You can also create Halloween beauty bundles to sell for a lower price than separately bought items. Get creative + have fun with it!

5. The Halloween Pre-Party

There’s really nothing like a good Halloween party; and since there’s going to be hundreds of parties around town on Halloween night, why not throw an epic pre-party instead? Have everything that a party needs—music, snacks, and drinks—and something that no other party will have: makeup help! You can provide professional scary, spooky, or sexy Halloween makeup during the pre-party. And once everyone in your shop is all ready and frighteningly amazing, you can all continue the party at a local bar, club or any other establishment that you’ve previously chosen to partner with. Networking with another business for Halloween is one of the smartest things you’ll do around this time. Have them promote your Halloween makeup pre-party in their place of libations, and you can promote their business’ Halloween party in yours. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, especially your customers.

I challenge you to at least try one of these marketing ideas. Let me know how it turns out + let’s see if there’s a way we can make any of these better. Good luck gorgeous! Trick or treat!