Being great at what you do is such a blessing. But today, it takes so much more than your skills alone to be truly successful in the beauty industry. In fact, some of the best specialists out there are never able to take their career to the next level even though their talents alone should be putting them miles ahead of the competition. 

With so much opportunity out there, there’s no doubt you can leverage your talents to grow your wealth in this $445 billion-dollar beauty industry. But your skills alone just aren’t enough to claim that coveted title as a beauty boss. You see, you have to do way more than just “put eyebrows on fleek,” make hair look fabulous and make skin glow to make your mark in the beauty world.

So if more than your amazing skills are needed, then exactly what does it take? Check out these three essentials that you’ll need to succeed.

tips for a beauty boss

Thing #1: A Relentless Ambition

Let’s be real – the industry is a congested, crowded place so you’re gonna have to put in some serious work to get noticed— all so you can achieve financial success as a beauty boss. Now, “busy” work is NOT what I’m talking about. I’m talking about putting your game face on and putting in the work to identify and leverage the right growth opportunities. 

This is no time to sit and wait for clients to find you, you have to KNOW who you’re right for and have the confidence to go get them and bring them back to your business.

Thing #2: A Willingness to Keep Learning

The beauty sector is ever-changing. So to stand out and keep your cash flowing, and so clients keep stepping through your doors consistently, you’ll need to stay on top of hot trends, industry news and all the craziness that happens on a daily basis in the beauty world. 

Oh, and because a real boss stays in tune with what’s going on around her, you’ll also need to keep your “ear to the streets” for updates on outside current events and hot topics affecting the beauty industry. Plus, you’ll need to educate yourself on best business practices too so you keep your “mind on your money and your money on your mind” at all times.

Thing #3: A Solid Ethos

It’s true that having a great brand is a wonderful start to building your beauty boss empire, but if you really want to channel your inner Ciara and “level up” your business, you’ll need to build deep connections with your audience. 

Yes, appearances will get you immediate attention, but having an ethos that people can connect with and admire will get you loyal followers who feel a real affinity with your brand.

Think about what you want to stand for and make sure that message becomes a continuous part of your brand marketing. This will help your audience develop a real kinship with what you’re doing in addition to loving your beauty skills.


So there you have it … three essential things you need (beyond talent) to establish yourself as a beauty boss and leverage your skills as a successful skincare, brow/lash or waxing specialist. Now, it’s time to start thinking about how you can take this information and apply it to your business so you can make your mark in the $445 billion-dollar beauty industry.

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