We may have moved past the bright colors of summer, but fall is not letting up when it comes to shine + glamour.

Fall makeup trends go beyond the traditional and into the mystical this year. We’re looking at glittery mermaid eye shadows, velvety lips, and smoky day eyes. The fall runways were full of inspiration, but we can’t always rock the big names in fashion. Not to worry; your pockets are safe with me. There are many ways you can rework the runway trends into your budget. So whether you’re shopping your favorite drugstore or doing what you normally do at Target, you can absolutely get as fall trendy as much as you want. Here are the best makeup trends that will keep money in your pockets this season.

1. Ulla Johnson’s gold foil eyes

Image Source: Tata Harper

Glitter is absolutely gold this season, and while gold foil tends to get pricey, there are ways to get the glitter on your lids without shelling top dollars. NYX sells professional makeup glitter in so many beautiful shades that will complement your fall look. And yes, they do have gold as well. If you want to take the shine up a notch, use NYX’s Glitter Brilliance line for shine all over your face and body. Be brilliant this fall! Who’s going to stop you?!

2. Tom Ford’s daytime smoky

  Image Source: Getty

Tom Ford is all about the smoky eye this fall, but I’ve seen the look transformed for the daytime with the use of a taupe-brown wash. You get dimension and depth in your eyes without being too heavy. And just because it’s a daytime look doesn’t mean that you can’t transform it for the night. Darker brown shades will turn this trend into a nighttime fave. The best part about it is you only really need to work with eyeshadow to get the look. Light mascara will complement it beautifully, but you can leave your lips bare and your eyebrows barely brushed for a completely natural-like look. You’ll look as refreshing as the fall breeze with this makeup trend.

3. Brandon Maxwell’s velvety lips

Image Source: The Cut

This is one of my favorites because it’s the easiest makeup trend to do. Red is the color of the season, and if you’re putting it on this fall, you better put it on your lips. I’m talking about full, classic, bowtie red lips that go well with all skin tones. Pair this trend with natural eyelids, some light eyeliner and strong mascara, and you’ve got yourself a look that you can wear all day—everyday! If you’ve got the budget for a drugstore long-lasting lip color, you’d be better off. I highly suggest you look into Revlon. The brand has a couple of long-lasting lipstick lines that are worth the $7 to $10 to last you this season.

4. Max Mara’s heavy wings

Image Source: MAC Cosmetics

The wing is a makeup trend that will never go out of style. It’s probably because of how versatile it is. There are so many ways you can wing it—no pun intended—but this season’s wings are bold and heavy. We’re talking about full bottom lid coverage

like we’ve seen with Max Mara and plenty of other designers this season. It’s definitely bold and absolutely beautiful. To get the look, you’ll have to play with the darkest eyeshadow you can find; you can also blend it in with some fall colors if you’d like. Pair it up with black mascara, blush pink lips, and your makeup is basically done. The whole look also pairs well with a messy bun a la rocker chic. You’ll look put together without trying so hard.

5. The Freshly bare face

Image Source: Mary Clavering / Young Hollywood / Getty Images

The trend is clean, and it’s absolutely fabulous. There were so many bare faces on the runway this season, and it’s really refreshing to see. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear any makeup. It just means keeping it all simple and focusing on one thing rather than many. If you’re going to focus on your eyes, then do your eyes. If you’re going for the lips, wear red or wear one of the odd colors that took the runway this fall. Either way, it’ll save you money in the long run when you’re only focusing on one aspect of your makeup rather than doing so many. Heavy contouring is definitely out. It’s time to get back to the basics.

What are your favorite makeup trends this fall? Do you tend to go more for bold or subtle?