If you’ve used Pinterest before, you probably can attest to how addicting “pinning” could get. It’s so easy to get caught up on everything that’s on that website, especially since everything you see on your Pinterest feed is practically curated to your personal tastes. The social media platform is teeming with brilliant ideas on just about every single topic you could think of.

Would you be surprised if I told you that businesses of all types have been making money through Pinterest for a few years now? That includes many beauty companies and beauty bosses that have somehow found a way to utilize the influential powers of Pinterest. It makes a ton of sense given that Pinterest currently has about 70 million monthly active users! If you don’t see the potential of growth in those numbers, let me be the one to tell you about this amazing opportunity to grow your beauty business through a platform you probably already use.

The Beauty Boss' Guide to Using Pinterest for Business

In 2012, Pinterest drove greater traffic to business websites than YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Reddit—all combined. You’ve got to admit that there’s something there that’s making consumers want more. Interestingly enough, the most popular pins on Pinterest are on fashion, food, and home décor. That statement alone should get you excited as a beauty boss. If not, then read this: a huge chunk of Pinterest users are there for beauty and fashion tips, trends, and ideas. And if you’re not using Pinterest for all that it can offer, read on to learn about how you can use the platform for your beauty business.

Content Marketing

There are no full articles on Pinterest. Everything that you click on leads to another website that features pinned articles in full length. What this means for you as a beauty professional is simple. By promoting your articles on Pinterest—for free, might I add—you can grow your readership by incredible amounts. It’s long been agreed upon by marketing gurus now that Pinterest is a heavy hitting marketing tool. If you have beauty tips to offer, promoting them on Pinterest will bring more engaged readers to your website than most paid marketing outlets. Learn how to market your content on Pinterest, and you’ll be impressed at how much your readership will grow.

Brand Promotion

The beauty business is all about seeing. Everything about the beauty and fashion industry is visual, and everything you do as a beauty professional is to benefit someone visually. This is the reason why Pinterest is such a powerful tool for all beauty bosses. Every single pin you see on Pinterest is a visual campaign. I know that everything you do as a boss is already stunning. Why not share your work and your ideas through a platform that highlights visual content? 


I know that you have a story to tell. We all start from somewhere, and we’re all at different places in our careers. Today’s consumers are vastly different from the past. People nowadays are looking for a connection to brands and businesses, especially in the beauty industry. The high-gloss simulated feel of traditional marketing ads no longer has the same effect as they did decades ago. What your customers want now is a brand they can relate to. Your job as a beauty boss is to let people know that your brand is that brand. Go ahead, gorgeous! Show off the lovely brand that you’ve worked so hard to develop and promote a lifestyle that’s full of beauty and inspiration. Humanize your brand through a compelling Pinterest board, and your customers will know that there’s no better beauty boss out there than you.

Partnership with Pinners

The next step for you as a boss is to cultivate the culture you’ve promoted. Build the beauty community of your dreams by inviting and inspiring other influential pinners to take part in your beauty movement. You can do this by creating group boards that will allow other pinners to contribute. You have a chance here to really create something worthwhile, and it really just starts with a simple Pinterest group board. Much like a fresh face ready for the day’s makeup, it’s amazing how something so simple as a Pinterest board could become something so beautiful. Contribute to other beauty boards to get your brand out there, and invite other brands to contribute to yours. In no time, you’ll soon have a solid community of beauty bosses and fashion aficionados looking at you as inspiration for all things style and beauty. 


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