It’s a story that I get familiar with every season: I’m enjoying the hot beautiful summer sun + then before I know it, back-to-school shopping with the kiddos and a new season approaching starts to come at me quicker and quicker.

With a new season, comes new trends and over the years, I’ve become more and more familiar with how to spot them.

How To Trend Spot From a Mile Away

Here are 3 ways I trendspot going into a new season:

1. Pay Attention to Your Community

When you’re out in your area, pay attention to what those around you are wearing, what trends they’re discussing (microblading? Sugaring?) + beauty trends that seem to be in. The real world has been my greatest teacher!

2. Flip Through a Magazine

Sure, these trends may seem more grandiose, but they’re usually brought more down to earth over time + done on a digestible scale that people love.

  1. Stay Active on Social

Staying active on social media will help assure that you stay on top of the top beauty and spa trends of the season. Not only look at what your ideal target market is doing, but also look into hashtags that go along with your brand to see what others in your industry may be doing.


Tell me, loves: What do you predict will be the upcoming trends of the Fall season?