The beauty industry is like the city that never sleeps. It’s constantly moving, shifting, growing, and transitioning. That’s part of the appeal, and if you’re like me, that’s one of the reasons why I got into the business to begin with. The beauty industry always has room for opportunities and space for new ideas. Fads will fade. Trends will change. But none of that should intimidate you—whether you’re a successful veteran looking for new ways to be relevant or just starting out completely as a new voice in the industry. No matter how much and how fast things move in beauty and fashion, there’s always a way you can keep up without feeling completely overwhelmed. 

how to keep up with trends in a fast-paced beauty industry

Read, read, and read some more

If there were one thing from this article that you should take to action, it has to be this one. Learning never stops in the beauty business; and being the fierce beauty boss that you are, you have to know this firsthand. The accumulation of all the skills you learned in order to get to where you are now will never end. You should look at yourself and your business as a bottomless pit of beauty knowledge and skill. If you’re not learning in your industry, then your business will not grow.

The good thing about this is that reading is the easiest thing for you to do to stay caught up with everything that’s trending in the beauty and fashion world. As a beauty professional, you should be interested in everything that you’d be reading anyway, so there shouldn’t be any problems here. I know that not everyone likes to read, but you could easily think of reading as a skill you can practice. The more you read, the better you’ll be at it and the easier it will get as well.

Now here lies the question of what you should be reading. I’m not surprised if you have a horde of beauty and fashion magazines delivered to your home or your shop every month. Read those! Magazines are great sources for things that are trending in the fashion world. Leave reading material anywhere you can find them—your desk, your bedside table, your bathroom, your car, your gym bag, and any other place that you can think of. Anytime you might find a break from your busy day, just pick one up and peruse leisurely. Reading is one thing that should never feel like work.

Apart from beauty and fashion magazines, you’ll also find it useful to look through other beauty blogs, websites, and forums. The Internet is your greatest resource—use it, spend some time on it, become a master of it. If you’re not particularly computer savvy, it’s time you learn a few technical skills. Trust me, doll. It’s not that difficult! 

Network with other beauty professionals—including the competition

The beauty industry is full of talented and brilliant people just like you and me. You can always learn something from other beauty professionals including what’s trending nationwide, internationally, or in their neck of the woods. You can even learn more from your competition. What are they doing that you’re not? Why are they trending and you’re not? A healthy competition should always inspire you to up your game and be the best beauty boss you could ever be. That means you need to always have your finger on the trending pulse because chances are your competition already does. 

Talk to your customers

Your customers are like your eyes and ears in the world. They’re constantly exposed to all the latest trends in beauty and fashion. I’m not the one to tell you to exploit such an amazing resource sitting right in your shop, but you should definitely think about it. Don’t let silence fill your shop. Talk to your customers and listen to what they’re asking for. There’s a good chance that they’re asking for something specifically because it’s already trending. Listen intently and always be present. 


Be a trendsetter

Finally, if you want to always be up on the trends, you should become the trendsetter. Why not? You already know you’re badass. Bring your beauty ideas to life, and watch them catch on like wildfire. Have the confidence of a true beauty boss, and everyone will know that you’re the one to keep an eye on. If you’re setting the trends, then everyone will be keeping up with you and not the other way around. Always remind yourself that you’ve got it in you to be the beauty boss that can really influence the industry. Stay calm and keep at it, gorgeous. You’re already on your way.


What will you be showing-off this season, babe? I can’t wait to see!