Whether we like it or not, it’s human nature to make some decisions based on how others judge you. Unfortunately, this stops us from doing the things we want to do simply because we’re afraid of what those opinions might be. We’ve all experienced this in our personal lives and there’s a good chance you’ve already experienced this pressure in your beauty business as well. 

Constructive criticism can be great, but if we’re constantly hung up on what other people think about us, it can have a negative effect on both our personal and professional success. 

While you’ll never be immune to the judgement of others, the following tips will help you to stop caring what others think and start living life on your own terms. 

Tip #1: Surround Yourself with People You Trust

Knowing that you have a few people around you who you can trust to tell you if you’re making a terrible decision is beneficial. This could be a good friend, a spouse or even an industry mentor. 

Having these people around makes it easier to ignore everyone else because you know these life and business buddies will always be there to tell you the truth. 

Tip #2: Stay True to You

The only way to truly connect with your audience and attract people with similar ideals is to be unapologetically and authenticity yourself. Does it sound like a cliché? Yes. 

But it’s the truth, and it works. If you pretend to be someone you’re not in your business, you’re going to attract clients that you don’t really mesh with. This will not only make you miserable but could also hurt your brand. 

Tip #3: Consider the Worst Case Scenario

Normally, you shouldn’t preoccupy yourself with thoughts about all the bad things that can happen. But it’s a surprisingly useful strategy when it comes to making choices without external judgements. 

Ask yourself, if you go through with what you truly want to do, what’s the worst that can happen? Are you afraid other people will say something negative? Is a bad comment really the end of the world? No, it’s not – especially when there are so many other people out there who will likely love and support what you’re doing. 

Tip #4: Remember that Some People are Just Unkind

Often the people that judge us the most are people who don’t care about us at all, as well as, they aren’t invested in what we do. They’re just jerks that don’t have anything better to do than make negative comments. 

Their attitude and behavior reflect who they are, not who you are. While their words may still sting, they don’t have any real meaning and you shouldn’t let them have power over you. 

Tip #5: Remove Negativity

If you find yourself around toxic people and situations, do your best to remove them from your life. Friends who tear you down aren’t really your friends. And those anonymous people who leave trolling comments on your social media, well they don’t deserve your attention. 


It isn’t always easy to stop caring what other people think, but it’s worth the effort. When you free yourself from the judgement of others you’ll find yourself thriving and following your real passions. If you need more guidance with this or any other topic, visit me here to get more vital strategies on becoming a profitable beauty boss.