Sure, email marketing + Instagram are crucial to a thriving business, but that doesn’t mean that a salon or spa professional can just throw in-person marketing out the window.

One thing I love to do to bring in new clients + get offline and into the real world? Host girls nights…and they’re not the ones you remember from back in high school — they’re even better!

Here’s how I do it, and how you can too!

1. Get a Venue

First things first, set-up shop at a venue that aligns with your dream clients. Where would they be hanging out? A fun local boutique? A blowdry bar? A nail salon? Not only is this a great way to attract the people who will be attracted to your services, but you’ll also get to team up with a place that will be able to sing your praises as well. A total win-win!


2. Partner with a New (Or Old) Biz Bestie

Speaking of teaming up, partnering with another person in the beauty industry is a fab way to not only bring in more of your potential dream clients, but to make your girls night out more appealing to the people considering attending too! For example, if you’re an esthetician doing mini facials for the night, collabing with a manicurist could be a fab combo.


3. Make It ‘Gramable

Sure, this is an in-person event, but one of the perks of having an IRL event is that people can still promote you online! Hang cute directions, little additions like fun drink stirrers (and mimosas or mocktails!), a photowall + a custom hashtag for the event are all factors that will make your shindig the talk of the town.


I want to know, loves: Have you hosted an in-person event as a part of your marketing technique before? I want to hear some fun ideas!