Truth Bomb: Even the most talented skincare, brow/lash and waxing specialists around need to keep learning the new trends and stay on top of the best business practices in the market. You see, without continuing education, you’ll fall behind the competition and lose out to other specialists who are ahead of the times and utilizing all the resources available to them.

And you are way too talented to fall behind, beauty boss. But don’t worry because  I’m here to keep your mind fresh so you can continue to attract a constant flow of clients and customers.  

Now, here are 4 key places where you’ll find some of the most up-to-date tips, secrets and strategies on growing your beauty business.

free beauty business tips

Place #1: My Website

I’ve worked hard to make my website a purse full of valuable information and resources because I want to see you succeed with your dream business just like I have. 

You’ll find step-by-step lessons, links to all my favorite products, failproof how-to guides, “make-it-happen” eBooks and my best secrets on expanding your influence as a beauty boss. Visit my digital home.

Place #2: The Beauty Bible

Are you ready to build your own six-figure beauty boss business? Then you need to read the Beauty Boss Bible. In it, I break down the three essential steps you need to take to reach your dreams without buying into the “hustle hard” mantra that so many people talk about. And the best part? It’s absolutely free. Get it here.

Place #3: Facebook/Instagram Live

Did you know that I sit down every week on Wednesday’s at 12EST to host my LIVE show, “Beautifully BOSSED Up.” Every week, I highlight step-by-step guidance and important, must-know beauty business secrets to help you gain success and boost profitability. 

Oh, and every segment includes a Q&A. So, if you have tons of questions, Google can’t seem to answer, tune in for the show and let me give you the real inside scoop on launching and growing your beauty business. Join my social community of ambitious beauty bosses here: Facebook + Insta.

Place #4: The Beauty Blog 

I update my blog every week to bring you the information you need to grow your beauty business in a way that generates more revenue all with less hustle. Check in here every week … trust me; you don’t want to miss out on the insider beauty boss secrets I share. 


And there you have it … 4 places where you can get free resources for building (and growing) a profitable and successful beauty business. Want even more strategies on taking your beauty boss business to the next level? Visit me here for everything you need to know.