As a skincare, lash/brow or waxing skincare, lash/brow or waxing specialist, your clients are everything to your business. And struggling to keep them coming back to your spa is work – let’s be honest.

While your marketing campaigns will get new faces through the door, you don’t want to rely on a stream of one-timers. Loyal regulars will keep you busy and spread the word about how awesome you are, bringing in even more customers over time.

So how do you build loyalty and keep those customers coming back? Check out my 5 favorite tips on doing precisely that.

Tip #1: Go the Extra Mile

Customers love it when they get more than they expect. Going above and beyond for your clients is a great way to show them you care about the experience they have at your spa. Going the extra mile doesn’t need to be anything elaborate or time-consuming.

Even giving out a free sample of a product you think will help them achieve their beauty goals can go a long way to bringing in more dollars!

Tip #2: Do Something Different

As a customer, think about the brands you’re most loyal to. Chances are you have a few go-to shops you’d choose over any others because something they do stands out to you.

Maybe it’s their branding, professionalism or message – whatever it is it makes a lasting impression. There’s a ton of competition out there, so doing uniquely yours gives your clients a reason to be excited and to keep coming back for more.

Tip #3: Build an Emotional Connection

It’s easy to get so caught up in marketing and branding you forget to add a human touch to your business. But it’s not only important to be personable in everything you do, but it’s crucial you do it.

Have real conversations with your clients and make sure they know you’re more than a brand that only cares about their money. Building an emotional connection is an excellent way to strengthen brand loyalty.

Tip #4: Follow Up With Your Clients

Life gets busy and sometimes your clients forget to book their next appointment. Make an effort to book the next appointment before your client walks out the door.

Also, send a reminder a week or so before the appointment is scheduled. They’ll appreciate you’re there to keep them on track!

Tip #5: Make Yourself Part of the Community

You definitely want to be known as the go-to place in your community for your client’s aesthetic needs. Make sure you let people in the community know what you do and who you are.

Build neighborly relationships and be part of your community. You can even donate your services to a charity event or auction too. This not only builds your reputation in the community but can bring more people in.


Building a loyal customer base is all about building relationships and making yourself the go-to specialist in your area. Over time, you’ll have a group of loyal regulars that will rely on you and your brand. If you need more guidance with this or any other topic, visit me here to get more vital strategies on becoming a profitable beauty boss.