There’s nothing like falling in love during the fall season. Think about the gush of a new crush or the cozy embers of an old flame. Doesn’t it all make you feel just warm and gooey inside? Add some vanilla scented candles and a potentially good date into the mix, and you might just find yourself in the whirl of a perfect fall date night. But before you step out into the lovely chill of a fall night, make sure you check off these five fall date night beauty essentials. After all, you never know when you might fall in love.

Five Fall Date Night Beauty Essentials

1. Fresh fall mani/pedi

First impressions are always important, and we all know that the devil is in the details! If you think your date won’t pay attention to your nails, you’re probably going to be wrong love. Having your manicure and pedicure freshly done for a night out shows that you care about your appearance. A deep red polish will go with plenty of this season’s style faves, but nothing’s wrong with going with something simpler or fancier either. The key here is making sure your hands are ready for some unexpected handholding. You wouldn’t want to back down from a potential romantic connection just because your cuticles aren’t ready now, would you? Make sure your cuticles don’t get in the way of love on your date night!

2. Anti-humidity hair serum

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that the humidity has left the building. Unfortunately, frizz still happens even during fall, and it’s absolute buzz kill when your hair poofs as soon as you walk out the door! Thank goodness there are ways to prevent or remedy this situation! There are a few anti-humidity hair serums I could personally swear by. My favorites are the ones that fit right into your purse—just in case you need a quick touch up before the appetizers arrive. Some of my faves include Nexxus City Shield Hair Crème, Kèrastase Fluidissime Anti Frizz Spray, and Living Proof No-Frizz Instant De-Frizzer. You could never go wrong with any of these products. Keep one of these in your purse for date night, and humidity won’t even stand a chance.

3. Oil-blotting sheets

At some point in your night, you’ll probably end up in the bathroom and in shock with what you see in the mirror—your face as oily as ever! Don’t panic! Your makeup doesn’t have to be ruined and neither does your date night. A couple of oil blotting sheets should literally save your face. Sheets usually come in small packages, so you can carry them with you anywhere you go. Blot all the muck away and come out feeling and looking refreshed. You’ll be ready to tackle on dessert after just a couple of sheets.

4. Lipstick

If you could only fit one makeup staple into your tiny purse, you’ve got to pack on the lipstick. By the middle of your date, your lips have probably gone through a variety of drinks, appetizers, an entrée, and a dessert or two. Make sure you look glam throughout the night, and this can easily be achieved by making sure your lip color doesn’t fade. Lipsticks that have built-in moisturizers will keep your lips from drying out. Tom Ford’s hydrating lip color contains Brazilian murumuru butter and exotic soja seed extract to keep your pout kissable. If you prefer, you can opt to wear long lasting lipstick for color that will last all night. I’d still bring your lipstick along because you never know when you’d need to touch up. Revlon’s Colorstay line is worth a try if you haven’t yet.

5. Fragrance

Looking gorgeous is one thing, but you have to make sure you smell glorious too! Let your scent waft through the thin fall air, and make sure your date is close enough to take it all in. Wear perfume that’s unforgettable, and your date will be thinking about you long after your night is over. Perfumes tend to last longer during the fall because they don’t evaporate as quickly with the cooler weather. Even so, I recommend you spray lightly and touch up as needed. A small bottle can easily fit in a purse pocket. If your favorite perfume bottle is too big to carry, spritz a cotton ball a couple of times and take that with you instead. The cotton ball will hold the oils, which you can easily rub onto pulse points for a fragrant touch up later on in your night.


Have you tried any of these fall date night essentials? What essentials do you swear by?