Busy days are good for business, and if you happen to have plenty of busy days, you might be feeling like your life is all work and no play. So you always tell yourself, “Tonight is the night to party,” but when you get home to get changed out of your day outfit, the couch always sweetly calls your name—and you always give in. You know the solution is to just go straight out from work, but you also know that you can’t go out looking like you’re still balancing the books or managing the floor.

Don’t give up just yet, gorgeous!

Take the night off and give yourself a much-deserved break. I’ve listed five fall must-haves you need to incorporate into your wardrobe to easily take your day outfits into the night. No more excuses! 

1. Fitted Blazers

fitted blazer

Photo Credit: Nabile Quenum

They’re ultra chic and professional at the same time. You can wear a fitted blazer all day or simply use it as an add-on for your night outfit. They’re fairly versatile, so they go well with many types of clothing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing pants, shorts, a skirt, a dress, a tank top, a button down, or whatever else. A fitted blazer will look good as long as your colors coordinate. I suggest investing in a basic-colored fitted blazer first if you don’t have any at all. You’re going to want to have a basic black blazer, greys, whites, or tans. Eventually, you can introduce other colors as you wish.

2. Leather Love

leather love


You’re an absolute rockstar beauty boss, so make sure that translates into your clothing choices! There’s nothing more fabulous than leather, and the fall weather is the best time to rock some hide. Whether you’re wearing black leather leggings or a vintage motorcycle leather jacket, you’ll be set with your outfit from sun up until sun down. Leather just looks unbelievably cool no matter what the time or occasion may be. Just make sure you’re pairing the leather up with softer accessories to balance out your whole look. 

3. Power Pumps

Five Fall 2018 Must-Haves That Will Take You From Day to Night

If you can manage to be in heels all day long, kudos to you! But you certainly don’t have to. It’s perfectly fine to keep your flats on during the day, except for when you want to make a statement in a business meeting. Wear your heels for moments like those. You need to invest in some pumps that are high quality. Have your pumps ready to put on for when you’re ready to leave work for the day. You’ll be surprised at how much an outfit can change with just the addition of some power pumps. It’s the fastest way to go from plain to glam. 

4. Sophisticated Denim

sophisticated denim

Photo: Style du Monde

Denim is just one of those clothing items that’s just essential to every wardrobe. If you’re going to have denim, you need to at least have one pair of sophisticated denim. This means no tears, no holes, and no rips. You can certainly look polished and professional even when you’re wearing jeans; you just have to make sure that your jeans look the part. Dark colored denim is usually better for this purpose, but it shouldn’t limit your style. Experiment on what looks good on you, what’s good enough for the workplace, and what’s good enough to go out with. Denim will also look great with whatever power pumps you have or end up getting. Keep your day to night denim stylish and sophisticated—you really can’t go wrong when you’ve got a good pair.

5. The Vicky Bag

The Vicky Bag

No other bags out there can take you from day to night the way Saint Laurent’s Vicky Bag could. I’m talking about the large Vicky bag in patent Matelassé lambskin. It’s big enough to hold your essentials to last you through the day and small enough to be a party purse. While the Vicky bag may be great, I’m not saying that you need to go out there and spend about $2,500 to have that giant YSL monogram on the front of your purse. The look is what you’re aiming for—something as classy and useful at the same time. You might have to do a little bit of shopping to find the perfect day-to-night bag—but who’s complaining about shopping? Definitely not me!


What are your go-to items that can take your daytime outfits to night? Please share some ideas in the comment section below.