Just thinking about it can get you even more stressed. Then you become stressed trying not to be stressed—it’s a ridiculous cycle that’ll keep going unless you stop it, girl.

As a beauty professional, I’m sure your plate is constantly full — balancing your life + a career isn’t easy. It’s stressful! I absolutely understand. I’ve seen what stress can do to people after years of being in this beauty industry. It’s challenging even for the best of us. Just know that you’re one among billions who live through stress everyday. The question is whether you can cope with it or not. If your heart rate is up, blood pressure rising quickly, and you’re feeling pretty anxious, it’s time to reset and de-stress.

Don’t let stress be the boss of you! These five de-stress techniques will give you the power to overcome stress and a way to completely stave it off. 

5 easy ways to destress

1. Exercise

This may sound like cliché to you, but just know that this is scientifically backed up. Exercise is your closest ally against stress. It really doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do—run, dance, swim, do yoga, punch a bag. They all work the same! The goal is to stimulate your brain to release endorphins that naturally lifts your mood. Doing any type of physical activity will result to a surge in endorphins. So whether you’re indoors or outdoors, dressed for land or dressed for water, using your hands or using your feet, just keep moving. Your brain will thank you and your body will too.

2. Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is the latest trend in nature therapy, and it’s actually kind of brilliant. I know you’re probably deep in the city and have absolutely no access to a forest. But the idea remains the same. You have to spend some time in nature. Whether you go to a community garden, walk a park, sit in an arboretum, or simply enjoy your potted plants on your patio, you can get the same results. Nature therapy means going off grid even for a few minutes and breathing in some clean, green air. If you have access to a forest, even better! Otherwise, why not surround yourself with greens in your home? I promise you’ll notice a huge difference.

3. Laugh

It might sound simple, but we all know it’s difficult to find laughter when you’re in the middle of a stress episode. This is a habit that you’d have to practice every chance you get. If you have to tie a string around your finger, do it! Laughter is easily your best medicine. If watching cat videos on YouTube gets you roaring, get on it. If you need to Netflix and chill with a few comedies, put on the pj’s and pop the popcorn. If it means dinner and a bottle with your funniest friend, you deserve the night off. Just make sure you spend time laughing rather than hashing out everything that’s stressing you. It’s okay to hit the pause button once in a while. 

4. Mindfulness

There are many ways you can live a more mindful existence. The physical practice of mindfulness might mean that you meditate everyday. Meditation exercises can literally help you breathe through a stressful situation. Another way you can be mindful is by exercising thankfulness. Be and feel grateful about everything in your life. The calming effect this can bring is really tremendous. Knowing how to count your blessings will put your stress into perspective—#blessed. Lastly, you have to learn how to be kind to yourself. You need to give yourself a break! You’re doing an excellent job love, and you need to pat yourself on the back from time to time. You know you got it!

5. Change it up

If you’ve got stress that’s just deeply rooted, the solution might be to completely remove yourself from a pressing situation altogether. Another way to do this is to completely block your source of tension. For example, if you have a project that’s putting a lot of strain in your life, it might be time to reevaluate its purpose. You might even have a friend that’s constantly pouring her stresses on to you; it might be time to let your friend know that she’s adding fine lines to your face. Life is too short to stress out about and too beautiful not to appreciate. Changing your perspective and your modus operandi might be the only way for you to live an utterly de-stressed and worry-free life. It’s not worth the wrinkles at the end of the day.


What is it that’s stressing you out the most personally and professionally? Let’s find a solution to your challenges together. Your beauty boss here has got your back.