That Time When My Stilettos Were Stuck in the Mud of Life…

Now, you’re here because you want the juicy backstory on me. You want to know how I empower beauty bosses like you to stop chasing your business dreams and instead stand in your skills to achieve them.

You see, right now you’re racing around like a track star leaping from selfproclaimed guru to guru. And your heart is racing, your breathing is heavy and you’re a sweaty mess. Every day, you log on to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all the others, hoping and praying today will be the day you land another client.

Now, trust me, I am a product of prayer, but to succeed in the beauty industry, you need to back up your prayers with strategic action. And creating a strategic plan for success is what you can rely on me to show you how to do.

Oops, sorry, I nearly forgot. You’re here to hear more about me. I get so amped up whenever I talk about helping ambitious beauty bosses build profitable empires that I get sidetracked.

Nonetheless, here’s my juicy backstory …

I put in grueling hours working late nights and early morning all to earn a less than-satisfying paycheck. I sacrificed my relationships and virtually gave up everything I loved trying to live up to everybody else’s definition of “success.” And I stood with stilettos stuck in the mud of life as I desperately attempted to turn my brilliant ideas into a profitable beauty business.

I took online course after course and invested in guru after guru before realizing I didn’t need another get-rich plan, I needed a passion-fueled process that allowed me to position myself as a kick-ass beauty expert. BUT more importantly, one that complemented the lifestyle I wanted to live.

Now, armed with 20+ years of experience, that’s precisely what I did. And I’m using my proven business strategy to help you do the same.