As much as there’s everything to be loved about the holiday season, it means one thing for most us—spending, spending, and more spending! From holiday gifts to holiday outfits and holiday decor, the expenditures can add up as quickly as the days go by. This is why there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting creative with making money, especially during times when you tend to spend money the most. The holiday season is the perfect time to re-energize your beauty business to generate more cash.

I’ve come up with a few ideas and strategies you can apply to prevent you from going in the red this holiday. Use one or use them all—at least one of these is guaranteed to help you make more money at the end of the day.

how to make money during the holiday season as a beauty pro

1. Product gift bundles

By this time of the year, most people are already racking their brains for gift ideas. One good way to promote your store products is to package them up nicely into holiday gift bundles and promote their sales on social media. I’m sure you know of many people who just don’t have the time to shop for great hair care and beauty products. This is one way for you to get your products moving and help out gift buyers with unique gift ideas for their loved ones.

2. Free consultations

The holiday season is the best time to increase the availability of free consultations. A consultation doesn’t have to last longer than 10 minutes, and it can generate leads like no other. There’s a good chance that your potential client will end up booking an appointment by the end of your consultation. If he or she doesn’t, they still might end up buying a product before leaving your store. And if that doesn’t happen either, you’d have only lost 10 minutes of your time. Even then, I believe you’d have lost nothing because you’d have planted a seed that might grow into something later on. A 10-minute investment is worth it. Even if you devoted just an hour each day towards consultations, that’s already 6 potential clients. In just one week, you’d already have over 40 potential clients that could also result to potential clients.

3. House calls and after hours

This one in particular requires a little more elbow grease; going to people’s homes could be a hassle, after all. However, if you turn it into a group or party thing, you might just make it worth your time and effort. Beauty parties are not new, but adding the twist of bringing your personal salon experience to a home setting or a workplace could be unique and fun. You can help someone throw a holiday beauty party and make money along the way. This is a good way to make money in the weekends or weeknights, and it’s also a great way to promote your business altogether.

4. Holiday specials

Everyone spends money around the holidays. Most people appreciate any kind of gesture that saves them even just a little bit of money. It might seem counterintuitive to offer discounts when you’re trying to make more money yourself. However, you could easily increase your sales by doubling your appointments and selling more products. Holiday specials could come in the form of product discounts, treatment specials, product and treatment combos, BOGOs, and more. Be creative and scan your inventory to see where you can balance savings for your customers and earnings for yourself.

5. Give and give some more

I firmly believe that what you put out there comes back to your tenfold. For me, that means the more you give, the more you’ll receive. It’s the simplest rule of the universe. So set out to get involved in at least one charity you care about this holiday season. Think of it as giving with a side of marketing. The more you put yourself out there as a company that cares about others, the more potential clients will see you as someone worth doing business with. Good works begets good business. Your involvement in your community will not go unforeseen. Be genuine in your intentions to help out, and help out as often as you can. Before you know it, clients will be lining up to spend their hard-earned money with you.


Making money during the holiday season is something that any beauty pro could do. What are some ways you’ve made extra holiday money in the past?