As a savvy beauty boss, you already know there’s a ton of opportunity to make your mark in this multi-billion dollar beauty industry. But, no matter how much we’re aware of the possibilities, we all hit a certain point where it feels like there’s no way you can possibly earn more than you’re already making.  

The good news is, by adopting a few simple business strategies, you can actually double your sales without doubling the amount of work you’re doing! 

These 5 tactics will get you there.

Tactic #1: Upsell Every Transaction

When your clients come in for their appointments, there’s a pretty good chance they’re only planning on paying for that service. But since you already have their attention, you have an opportunity to get them to spend more money. Recommend products to use at home, or upsell them to a bigger service package while they’re there.

Tactic #2: Book Clients in Advance (And More Often)

Schedule your client’s next appointments before they even leave your spa. Life is busy, and even though people will intend to call in and schedule their next appointment, they often push it off or forget completely. But if you’re able to get them to make that appointment right then and there, they’ll be far more likely to stick to it. Even if they ultimately need to call in and cancel, you can encourage them to reschedule over the phone so you don’t lose their business.

To take it a step farther, you should be encouraging your clients to come in more frequently. If you can convince your clients that only come in once a month to come in every other week, you’ll be doubling your sales with only a few words from you.

Tactic #3: Get Great at Marketing Yourself

Even if you work at a spa that handles its own advertising and promotions, you should be working to promote yourself to grow your own client base. Thankfully, marketing doesn’t need to be a super expensive investment or an overly time-consuming process. 

Setting up your social media pages, starting a blog or even a YouTube channel are just a few ways you can get started. You can even work on your marketing strategies in the downtime between clients.

Tactic #4: Start a Referral Program

There’s a good chance that every one of your clients has friends that could totally benefit from your services. And usually, all they need is a little nudge to start talking you up to them. Encourage your loyal clients to refer their friends by offering them a discount or a freebie for every new customer they bring in.

Tactic #5: Partner Up

Find a local hairstylist or salon and form a partnership with them. They can recommend you to their clientele and you can do the same for them. Depending on the salon, you might even be able to leave your brochures or put up a flyer on their bulletin board. It’s a great way to get your name out there and reach a new audience who will already trust you because they trust the advice their hair stylist gives them.


So, now that I’ve revealed the steps to double your sales without doubling your workload, it’s time to start thinking about how you can use this information to claim a bigger piece of the $445 billion beauty industry pie. Want more guidance on how to do that? Visit me here to get more strategies on becoming a profitable beauty boss.