If there’s one thing I love, it’s Instagram. So much that we’re making some big changes around here that revolve around my Insta-presence + I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come!

Today, I wanted to collab with my own Social Media Expert + have her give ya the tippity-top-tips that we’ll be using to make our IG shine.

You ready for this?

4 Ways to Build Your Beauty Biz with Instagram

1. People Love You

And that’s important to remember on every step of your journey. Sure, nice photos + polished Lives are great every once and a while (who doesn’t love to dream a little??) but ultimately, people are on there to connect with you and want to see your day-to-day. The beautiful parts, sure, but also don’t be afraid to be vulnerable + infuse a bit of your gorgeous personality into your feed, babe!

2. IGLive is The Bomb

I looooove recommending Instagram Live to my clients + for good reason! It allows you to connect with your peeps (perfect for the point above!) and show them what they want in a valuable way. I love to hop-on to chat about tips and tricks for the beauty business, but also random working mom musings + to ask questions too! It’s a fun, no pressure way to get in front of the camera.

3. My Bae, Stories

Instagram Stories are no new feat by now, but they’re by far a needed addition to any beauty boss’ Insta Game Plan. Struggling with what to post? I get excited seeing:

  • Beauty Tips and Tricks — show your gals what they want to see, girlfriend!
  • BTS of business building.
  • Real life musings — let us see your kids, your messy office spaces, the waiting in line at the parent pick-up line.
  • Inspirational Quotes.
  • Showcase any PR — podcasts you’ve been on, guest blogs, sneak peeks of photoshoots, etc.


This is a new one that not many people know a whole lot about, but it’s coming in hot, hot, hot + I’m a bit (a lot) into it. Think of it as a space you can use like a mini YouTube: Record videos (or shorten ones you already have in an easy movie editor like iMovie!) + post to IGTV so your followers can learn from you whether they’re in line at the grocery store or getting a quick root touch-up.


Tell me, loves: Are you going to try something new on IG? What are you struggling with? How can I help? Let me know in the comments!