Talent is nothing without a fabulous demeanor in the beauty industry + over the years, I’ve seen quite a few beauty and salon pros fall away due to one thing: They just didn’t love to be around people…and their tribes could tell.

Quite frankly, working with women one-on-one is one of my very favorite parts of what I do and I couldn’t have asked for  better mentors over the years. I could go on for days about ways I love to make my ladies feel pampered + appreciated, but today I wanted to pop-in + share my Top 3 tips for better customer service.

Let’s jump right in.

3 Tips for Better Customer Service

1. Make Your Clients Feel Special

Keep client cards that remind you of important facts about the person so you can follow-up at your next appointment and see how things are going. When you show that you genuinely share + want what’s best for your tribe, they see your authenticity and feel inclined to keep coming back. One, because they trust you + your services and two, because they’ll feel connected to you + want to return, like an old friend.

2. Do Little Things

For these add up to the big things — your clientele appreciates them more than you know! Give scalp massages, a paraffin wax treatment, a free set of falsies, something that doesn’t include a ton of cost on your end, but brings about a huge “extra” result for the person in your chair.

3. Ask Good Questions

During consultations, are you asking just what they want or are you digging deeper? Ask about their morning routine, what their average week looks like for them, are they responding well to that facewash you recommended? Finding that their skin is getting more scaly with the use of the exfoliant they’ve been using? Dig deep and then give your best professional advice based on their experiences. It’s nice to feel like you’re in good hands.


Tell me: What do you do to make your clients feel adored?