Even the most talented and successful estheticians, lash/brow specialists and skincare experts are going to have bad days along with their good days. Negativity and bad moods are just part of life, and they aren’t going to leave you alone just because you’re a talented beauty boss. 

And if you let negativity build up, it can impact you and your business in a way that is good for no one – you, your co-workers, and worse yet, your clients. Staying on top of negativity and being proactive about eliminating it from the workplace can help you and everyone around you stay in a better mindset. 

So, how exactly should you handle negativity? Here are a few strategies to help you push through the bad times so you can shine no matter how you feel.

Strategy #1: Celebrate Every Win

I believe one of the best ways to eliminate negativity is to celebrate every success – no matter how big or small. It’s easy to let the failures and bad times take over your thought process and bring you down, but when you stop to acknowledge all the good that also happens, you’ll find it easier to stay positive throughout all of the inevitable ups and downs. 

Wins can be anything – bringing on a new client is a big win, but remember to celebrate the little things as well. Completing a project, getting a good review or making a connection with another local business owner are smaller wins but should be celebrated all the same.

Strategy #2: Focus On Your Value – Not the Competition’s

While you’ll always need to keep an eye on the industry and stay aware of what others are doing, it should never be your whole focus. If you’re constantly comparing yourself to the competition, you’re probably going to zero in on the areas that you don’t think you’re as good in. You should always be working to improve your skills and your business, but don’t obsess over them!

It’s easy to look at others and then focus on our own shortcomings, which really fosters negativity. Remember that your skills are valuable and you have a lot to offer. Everybody has their own strengths and yours set you apart from everyone else.

Strategy #3: Eliminate Complaining

Complaining is easy to do. When you run your own business, there are a ton of things you could complain about on a daily basis. But complaining doesn’t actually change anything and it certainly doesn’t do anything to contribute to a positive mindset or atmosphere. 

Venting every now and then is a necessity, but if you find that you or your team members are constantly finding something to complain about, then you should look for ways to change the situation for the better.

If it’s a situation that you have control over, step back and ask yourself what you could be doing differently so negative situations don’t arise. If the negativity is stemming from a situation that’s out of your control, shift your focus to something else that you do have power over.


So, now you know my three essential strategies for overcoming workplace negativity as an esthetician. If you need more guidance on this or any other topic, visit me here to get more vital strategies on becoming a profitable beauty boss.