I absolutely love the holidays! It’s the best time to reconnect with family and friends, to celebrate and be joyous, and of course, to party it out! It’s also an excellent time to kick up your wardrobe just a tiny bit. The holidays offer up a brilliant excuse to wear all the sequins and the glitz and glam you otherwise might have difficulty explaining on a regular Monday. Absolutely no wardrobe is fair game during the holidays; and besides, everyone is extra nice during this time of the year. So bring on your bravest face and try to experiment with your holiday style this year. This guide will help get you out of your comfort zone and get you into something fabulous, fancy, and festive this holiday season.

Whether you’re looking forward to ditching the diet or dreading the drive to visit your long-lost cousin, there’s no excuse for not primping up during the holidays. There are too many occasions to celebrate not to care. Everyday could be a day to party this time of the year, so might as well dress like it! Here are a few 2018 trends that can easily turn a frumpy wardrobe into a festive one.


1. All About The Fringe

I’m seeing a ton of fringes in all sorts of holiday accessories this year. From party bags to party dresses, nothing is more festive than a beautiful fringe design. If you want to stand out elegantly from the crowd, rock some dazzling fringe drop earrings that just brush your bare shoulders. You’ll be turning heads before you know it!

2. Faux Fur Folly

Faux is definitely in this holiday season! Looking good doesn’t have to warrant the sacrifice of furry friends; so faux is definitely the way to go. I’m seeing a lot of faux fur coats that are making it more interesting to keep warm. Go long or go short; go bright or go neutral. As long as you go faux with your fur coat, you really can’t go wrong.

3. Yuletide Mules

Ever worn a fancy mule lately? I didn’t think so. But these babies are making a comeback this year. Leave the uncomfortable strappy shoes at home and slip into a modern, stylish mule this holiday season. Miu Miu’s Black Suede Mule with a Satin Bow can definitely replace your favorite party go-to’s. It’s elegant and beautifully understated.

4. Velvety Goodness

Velvet is another thing that’s plotted a comeback for years now, and it’s finally happening this holiday season. Coupled with modern cuts, updated velvet styles are a sight to behold! Nordstrom is currently carrying racks upon racks of stunning

velvet dresses that range from daywear to formal wear. Don’t forget to check out the shoes section for more velvet finds!

5. Feathered Frenzy

There are feathers everywhere—and they’re spectacular! Ostrich feathers and faux feathers are adorning dresses and shoes this holiday season, and we all know how much fun feathers entail. Saint Laurent’s Yeti Tall Boot is gorgeous, but the price might be just as tall. If you’re a feather beginner, try the Tory Burch Elodie Embellished Feathered Mule. You’ll then be wearing two different trends on your heels.

6. Suit Up!

Who says that dresses are the only way to party? This season, pantsuits are joining the festivities with modern cuts and flirty designs. Ditch the chunky office suits and go for Topshop’s Crinkle Velvet Suit—or something similar. It’s sleek and completely cool. Never worry about someone else wearing the same dress as yours in any party. Instead, don a cool suit like a boss!

7. Color Me Peacock

It’s time you skip the gold, silver, and black this holiday season. Trade in the neutrals and go for something wild and rich instead—peacock! Peacock greens and blues are exquisite against a velvet material or even on a pantsuit. If you just find it difficult to let go of your black party dresses, accessorize with peacock colors instead. There’s something elegant about the peacock and the colors of its feathers. Channel that elegance this season, and truly that’s all the style guide you could ever need.


What other styles are you feeling this holiday season? Are you thinking of going traditional or doing something more out of the box?